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“Zebra is a boutique steak & seafood restaurant in the seaside town of Ocean Grove.”

Best Steaks & Seafood on the Bellarine

Zebra Bar & Bistro is a boutique steak & seafood restaurant in the seaside town Ocean Grove.  Our venue is upstairs with ocean views from the dining room and large covered balcony.

Licensed Bistro in Ocean Grove 

Paul Young and Caron Zillwood opened Zebra Bar & Bistro in March 2006, the first licensed tavern in Ocean Grove.
In 1887 legal covenant over the entire town restricting any kind of alcohol being produced or sold within town boundaries, meant obtaining a Supreme Court ruling to overturn the covenant for the business to open in Ocean Grove.

Steak & Seafood menu

Paul is the driver behind the menu. Paul’s love of food originates back to when he was growing up in Horsham. “My Aunty was an amazing cook. She ran a catering business and was busy with weddings and function.” A self-taught cook, Paul has worked closely with all the chefs over the years.“A chef once advised me that if I wanted to be in the food business I had to go into the kitchen and learn as much as I could to be as good as them.” Paul says it has been a fantastic learning experience. “It is an ever-evolving and learning art.

Why Zebra? 

Often asked why the name Zebra, Caron explains, “I was wanting a name that differentiated us. Most local venues had beach-related names. Zebras are definitely distinctive and each has unique markings. We were also located on an intersection”. Originally named Zebra Crossing, the locals affectionately call the venue Zebra Bar. And that is how the venue is still known. But Caron says, “our venue is more about the boutique bistro restaurant which features the freshest seafood and best steaks on the Bellarine Peninsula”.







This bistro is a favourite of Ocean Grove/Barwon Heads locals like ourselves. People come to eat at Zebra Bar from across the Bellarine Peninsula for the quality food and friendly service.


Thanks for parmis delivered to my car, the complimentary spring rolls were amazing. By far the beat and easiest take away meal in Ocean Grove


Beautiful meal. Amazing Steak.
lovely service..
recommend highly...